See the ‘Batman v Superman’ Batsuit and Batmobile in action in new ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ video

Next week, Batman: Arkham Knight fans will be able to purchase DLC that brings the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batsuit and Batmobile into the game. Finally!

See it all in action for the first time in the latest episode of Arkham Insider, from the team at Rocksteady Studios. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DLC is shown off at the 4:00 mark.

In November’s update, you’ll get the chance to drive the 2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile and wear the iconic new Batsuit in gameplay for the first time.

Also in this episode, find out how Catwoman exacts her revenge on Riddler in a new Arkham Episode story pack. Get a sneak peak at some new decals for the Batmobile, as well as some new race tracks so you can see them in action.

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