Justice League 3001 #7 review

Justice League 3001 #7 “Things Fall Apart”

Written by: J. M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen

Art by: Howard Porter

Colors by: Hi-Fi


Cat’s TidBits: WOAH. So, last issue. Superman died. Remember that? Yep. Started from the bottom now we’re here. The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl fighting off the Scullions that keep on reappearing and just won’t go away! Now apparently a lot of things happen, so be ready for this crazy ride.


I was mind-blown throughout this entire issue, because I’m just going to lay it on you guys. We’re getting a new Justice League team? As if our characters weren’t killed and brought back to life not too long ago. So, I guess I should calm down and just deal with it, but I’m not. First off, whoever this “Lord of all beings and things” is, I hope we get to meet that Lord soon, because I am tired. These Scullions seem almost impossible to fight off. We already lost Superman and now we lost Batman and I am just curious to see where DeMatteis and Giffen are taking this storyline too. How many more characters are we going to lose?!


Colors and art is amazing! I loved how every crack is highlighted throughout the comic book and this adds the effect that we are in a war zone. Obviously, duh. But the emphasis that the art and colors add was actually giving me anxiety (more like that nerve-wracking feeling you get) when I was reading it. I know I mentioned this in my past comic book reviews, but I LOVE the colors. It’s so colorful! Which, it has to be. We are in the future. Won’t ever get over it.


Backtracking to that bomb I just threw on you guys. YES. Batman is dead. Wonder Woman has her what seemed like a crush-type moment, when she was explaining how glorious Batman’s death was and how he probably went down smiling. Wanna see?



His face. It’s priceless. Wonder Woman is right though. If I had to picture how Batman’s death would go down. It would probably play out something like this. Although, yes. I don’t like the fact that’s he’s dead, but that smiling grin though!




The Good: There was A LOT going on and I did not mind it one bit. I think everything that we have led up to we’re at a good starting point to begin a new storyline. Though, I wish we hadn’t killed off two MAIN characters, but I’ll live.


The Bad: I’m sure you can guess what I think the bad is. Tina is still part of the team and she’s still annoying. (HA). Not kidding about that, but the bad would be that Superman and Batman are dead. But if I really had to think hard about it. They were not the same superheroes that we were used to. Remember how annoying Superman was? And how they wrote on Batman being scared. Yeah NO. Batman does not get scared. He’s the dude that always has back-up plans for everything.


Recommended If:

  • You enjoy a colorful comic book.
  • You enjoy Supergirl. She was our main character.
  • You enjoy a very female-centric comic book. Wonder Woman, The Flash, Fire and Ice, Supergirl, Tina, etc, etc.



There was just so many things happening in this issue that I didn’t know where to start. We’re getting our new Justice League team and they have to figure out a way to fight off the Scullions and the Lord of all beings and things. I’m a little nervous to see how this all plays out. Right now, it’s very female-oriented and I don’t mind it. I actually like it. This is something that I’ve been wanting in a comic book, but I hope that it can be done right. So, I guess we’ll see if our ladies can save the world.


Score: 7.5/10