Teen Titans Go! Digital Issue #31 review


This was fine.

Perfectly, utterly fine.  A few chuckles, yet nothing that’s overwhelmingly great or aggressively bad.  Just… fine.

When the Titans have their powers swapped by Mumbo Jumbo, they have to adjust to their newfound abilities so as to take the villain down.


It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Fridolfs has a good time drawing the Titans in unfamiliar circumstances, and it’s hard not to be at least a little entertained.  Starfire turning into Tamaranian creatures allows for some visual inventiveness, and Cyborg being unable to control Starfire’s powers is pretty funny.  The problem is, with such a short digital issue length, he isn’t allowed to do too much more with all of the characters.  There was some great potential in Robin, who has Raven’s powers, teaching the now de-powered Raven how to succeed without special skills, but it’s ultimately unrealized.


It looks nice, especially in the first half with Jeremy Lawson’s use of clean, bright colors, but the further along it goes the more the art feels rushed and almost fan-artish.


Ultimately it’s a good, silly comic that doesn’t aim very high, but it doesn’t insult the reader either.  It’s a quick, easy read to enjoy with your kids, though with such an intriguing concept it’s another issue that feels like it would play better on TV.  It isn’t great, it isn’t bad, it’s just there.

And that’s fine.

Recommended if:

  • You like the Teen Titans Go! TV series.
  • You want a silly read with your kids.

Overall: I won’t use that word again, I promise.  This isn’t as bad as the title has been the past few months, but it isn’t great either.  There are a few laughs and some good ideas, and while I wouldn’t say it’s exactly worth a dollar, there are a lot worse things you could spend money on.

SCORE: 5.5/10