Chris Pine debunks a popular ‘Wonder Woman’ rumor

Ever since Chris Pine was cast as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman there’s been speculation and rumors swirling online that he would actually be taking on two roles. The one he signed up for, as well as Steve Trevor’s grandson later on, since the movie takes place during World War I.

Pine debunked that rumor in a new interview with The Huffington Post, replying with a convincing “no” when asked if he’d be taking on multiple roles. Pine also revealed what excites him the most about being in Wonder Woman, and his answer was pretty honest… “It was fun to fall in love with Gal Gadot,” he said.

What are you most excited to do with your character in “Wonder Woman”? What should fans expect?

It was fun to fall in love with Gal Gadot. It was fun to do some comedy. It was fun to do some action. The part kind of asked for a little bit of all of it, so it was a good time.

I think what’s really fun and exciting about it … different about it, actually, is that there’s a nice love story at the center of an action film, and I don’t think you see that often in these kinds of films.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post