Zack Snyder shares brand new ‘Justice League’ set photos

DC Films set photographer Clay Enos has been a big supporter of the mobile app Vero. He often shares some of his set photos there before reposting them to his Instagram or Twitter accounts, and it looks like he got Justice League director Zack Snyder to sign up!

According to the verified account, Snyder joined Vero 68 days ago. His first post was a video of him in Monaco diving off of a boat into the ocean. His most recent post, pictured above, was shared just two days ago. It’s a small boat on the coast in Iceland, where part of Justice League was filmed. Snyder captioned the photo “Part of the set for JL in Iceland”.

Take a look at some more interesting posts from Snyder on Vero in the gallery below. It would appear that Bruce Wayne’s house from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be featured in Justice League again. 59 days ago, Snyder posted two photos from the set with the captions “At Bruce Wayne house” and “More BW house”. There’s even a fun doodle of the Justice League, which it looks like Snyder drew himself (notice his initials next to Aquaman’s trident).