Confirmed: ‘Justice League’ is the shortest DC Films movie yet

Over the last week the internet has been going crazy over the runtime of Justice League. Differently movie theaters around the world were all reporting different things, from two hours to nearly three hours. Now, the dust has cleared and we have confirmation.

The two biggest movie theater chains, AMC and Regal, both list the Justice League runtime as 121 minutes. Erik Davis, managing editor at the ticket website Fandago, has confirmed that runtime is correct.

Additionally, several Batman News readers who work at movie theaters told me that they received an email today saying that Justice League tickets go on sale this Wednesday, October 25th and that the movie is 121 minutes long. Warner Bros. announced that tickets go on sale in the UK this Friday.

121 minutes is 2 hours and 1 minute (and that includes credits), making Justice League the shortest DC Films movie yet. And if you take away about 10 minutes to account for the credits, we’re looking at about 1 hour and 51 minutes of Justice League action. It does seem weird that the biggest movie with the most characters will be the shortest, but that doesn’t mean anything in terms of the quality of the movie.

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