This Week in Comics: Batman and Bane settle an old score

Batman: White Knight continued to be an action-packed, high-stakes drama, but with plenty of room for fun and funny—like when Batman finally payed Bane back for the whole back-breaking thing:

If you’re new to White Knight, it’s only three issues in, so it’s not too hard to get caught up. And since it takes place outside of the normal DC Universe, you don’t need much more than a basic knowledge of Batman to enjoy it.

Batman #36 kicked off a new story arc, and if you enjoyed seeing Batman and Superman put their differences aside in the Justice League film, then you’ll like what’s in store in this first issue of “Superfriends.”

And speaking of Justice League, that book launched a new arc—with a brand-new creative team—this week, and the first issue was a great start to a new era, with plenty of action and fun banter between the heroes. Justice League #34 is available at your local comic shop or on Comixology right now.

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