No, “Worlds of DC” was not announced as the official name for the DCEU

By now you’ve probably seen some headlines that said “Worlds of DC is the official name for the DCEU”. That is simply not true! I’ve spoken to multiple people who were inside Hall H for Warner Bros.’ San Diego Comic-Con presentation today. Here’s what actually happened…

Warner Bros. showed a sizzle reel of DC movies and at the end it said “WELCOME TO THE WORLDS OF DC”. Here’s an image:

That’s it! There wasn’t an announcement. It was simply a line of text at the end of a promotional video. That’s hardly Warner Bros. “announcing” or “officially rebranding” the DCEU as these articles say.

I’ve received every press release that Warner Bros. sent out today. None of them mentioned “Worlds of DC” or any kind of official name for the DCEU. The DCEU is still officially nameless (DCEU is an unofficial name that caught on in 2015 and has been used ever since).

Hopefully you only rely on Batman News for your DC movie news and you weren’t confused by all of the websites that put out this misinformation today. But in case you saw the news elsewhere, I just wanted to clear it up for you here. Warner Bros. didn’t announce an official name for the DCEU today.