Christopher Nolan had to edit this ‘The Dark Knight’ scene to keep its PG-13 rating

Last week The Hollywood Reporter interviewed David Dastmalchian in honor of The Dark Knight’s 10th anniversary. Dastmalchian had a small role, he played Thomas Schiff, one of the Joker’s thugs that Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent interrogated in a dark alley. Dastmalchian credits The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan for changing his life by casting him in the movie, and told an interesting story from the set.

“[Nolan] told me a funny anecdote. He said he really liked the scene, but he said when we were shooting it, I was pushing my head against Aaron’s gun and he was pushing the gun back,” Dastmalchian told THR. “I remember for a few weeks after I had a big welt on my head and a little goose egg and black bruise. He said that was one of the moments the MPAA asked him to go back and he had to cut out the indent from the gun barrel on my head.”

You can check out the scene that Dastmalchian is talking about at the 2:29 mark in the video below:

And that wasn’t the only scene that the MPAA asked Nolan to change in order to maintain a PG-13 rating. Originally, the Joker stuck a card to one of the Batman imposters with his knife. But in the theatrical release, it’s just pinned to his chest.

The Dark Knight was a pretty dark movie, and I’m sure there are even more edits that Nolan had to make that we don’t know about. This new one about Dastmalchian and Eckhart’s scene was very interesting. You can read more from Dastmalchian’s interview at The Hollywood Reporter.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter