‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder reveals scrapped Batman/parademon scene was “deemed too scary”

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Concept artist Victor Martinez shared Justice League artwork that may have been too dark, even for the Snyder Cut.

The concept art above shows Batman in what appears to be a nest of parademons that are being re-purposed from humans. When a fan on Vero asked Justice League director Zack Snyder about this scene, Snyder confirmed that’s what is going on and that it was deemed “too scary”.

Based on Snyder’s comment, I’m assuming that this scene was killed by Warner Bros. before Snyder even had a chance to shoot it.

Even though the Snyder Cut of Justice League is probably a lot different than the movie we saw in theaters, it’s important to remember that Snyder had much less creative control on the movie after the backlash to Batman v Superman. Even the Snyder Cut of Justice League isn’t the movie that he had planned to make prior to Batman v Superman’s release.

Would you have liked to see this Batman and parademon scene in Justice League, or do you think Warner Bros. made the right call to scrap it? Let me know in the comments below.