Matt Reeves says The Batman is on track to film this year

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In a surprise Q&A on Twitter in the very early hours of Friday morning, Matt Reeves shared one little tidbit about The Batman. It’s looking as though the film should be going before the cameras before the end of this year.

Reeves has been very tight-lipped about the status of the film, so any piece of information is definitely welcome.

Reeves did answer a few minor questions as well, such as what music he has been listening to while working on the script. It seems the Taxi Driver soundtrack is a hint to the tone.

As well as a bit of fun teasing to the plot of the film.

And the all-important discussion of lighting and shadows.

Prior to this very random Q&A session, Reeves had not tweeted since Nov. 28, 2018. With mentions of Taxi Driver and Chinatown coming up yet again, one has to think he may be going for a 1970s take on noir film: Long, lingering shots, filled with lots of silence other than ambient noise. This could be a really interesting environment to see a portrayal of Batman. It also definitely fits in with how we keep hearing he wants it to be more of a detective film.

The Batman is currently scheduled for a June 25, 2021 release.


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