SecretLab’s Batman gaming chair is just about perfect

When I think of superhero-themed furniture, I imagine little Batman and Spider-Man themed chairs for kids. I’m happy to collect superhero statues, but I couldn’t think of a piece of furniture I’d want to own – until now. Gaming chair company SecretLab announced this week that it has partnered with DC and Warner Bros. to bring a Batman-themed “Dark Knight” chair to market.

The big draw, of course, is the chair’s Batman-themed stylings. While it features the same silhouette as SecretLab’s other chairs, the artificial leather chair has detailing unique to the Dark Knight model. Aside from some yellow stitching, the chair is a combination of matte and semi-glossy blacks – even the SecretLab logo is black on this chair. The bat symbol, which looks pretty similar to the New52 version, appears on the back and front of the chair. The front of the chair features ribbing that calls to mind the Nolan batsuit, as well as carbon fiber-style detailing.

The chair is available in the company’s Omega and Titan models, which look pretty similar for the most part. Both feature adjustable recline and armrests, an aluminum base, and a velour head pillow. The Titan is meant for taller gamers and features adjustable lumbar support, while the slightly-smaller Omega has a lumbar pillow – exactly the same as SecretLab’s other chairs.

While I usually think of Batman swinging, gliding, and jump-kicking, he’s also one of the very few superheroes that I think of as sitting at a computer in-costume. If you’re finishing off a gaming battlestation and you already have your black computer case with yellow accents, your black keyboard, and all your Batman statues, this seems like the perfect way to finish off the look, combining nerdy and classy in just the right amounts. Now all you need is a billboard-sized monitor that would definitely make your neck sore to look up at while you investigate crimes.

The chair retails for a hefty $429, but it comes with a two-year warranty and a 49-day return policy to make sure your butt is covered by more than just the chair. The chair is available on SecretLab’s website.