WarnerMedia streaming service price leaks out

WarnerMedia logo

A new report suggests that the price for the WarnerMedia streaming service may be higher than expected.

According to sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal, WarnerMedia is eying a monthly fee for its unnamed streaming service between $16 and $17 dollars a month. The service would end up being a bundle and would include HBO, Cinemax, Warner Bros. TV shows, and movies.

By comparison, it would also make it one of the most expensive streaming services. HBO Now goes for $14.99 a month, Netflix‘s standard plan is $12.99, Showtime goes for $10.99, and Hulu is as low as $5.99 a month with ads. The service, however, this is mostly to be compared to is Disney+ which will launch in November at $6.99 a month.

There had been some talk in the past of the WarnerMedia service launching with three tiers: A movie-focused package, a package with original programming and movies, and a package with the first two as well as older content. According to the report those plans have been scrapped and it will now be the single package offer.

Of course, Warner currently has a streaming service with DC Universe, and many have wondered what may happen to that. According to a separate report from Deadline, the future of DC Universe is being reassessed at this time. On the one hand, we can see arguments for it being its own thing, but on the other does one company really need two streaming services?

It seems as though things are very much in flux at WarnerMedia currently when it comes to its streaming strategy. Hopefully, we’ll have some more clarification in the coming months.

WarnerMedia is expected to launch its new service in the fourth quarter of 2019 and then launch publicly in the first quarter of 2020.


SOURCE: Wall Street Journal