HBO Max announces Green Lantern original series

During the HBO Max presentation on Tuesday, the upcoming streaming service announced that Greg Berlanti is working on a Green Lantern series.

Few details were provided, but Berlanti is bringing his producing power to a new take on the Green Lantern property. We don’t know as of yet if this will focus on a specific Lantern or if it may be more of an approach to showing the Corps.

Berlanti will be producing a total of four shows for the HBO Max platform including Green Lantern, a new take on DC’s Strange Adventures anthology, a new drama with Kaley Cuoco called The Flight Attendant, and a docuseries called Equal. He will also be producing a movie called Unpregnant.

HBO Max will be launching in May 2020, but the price has not been announced as of yet. We also don’t know when exactly the Green Lantern and Strange Adventures series will launch, but we will be watching closely.