Batman News Holiday Gift Guide 2019

You could not find Baby Yoda merchandise. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

Welcome to another year of helpful hints to shopping for a Batman fan! Our diverse list of quality items is sure to appeal to comic readers, movie buffs, gamers, collectible hoarders, and more. And since we know you all love The Caped Crusader’s supporting cast, we’ve also included gifts that celebrate his villains and allies as well. Yes, after reading this gift guide you won’t need to buy another present this year that isn’t tied to the DC Universe.


Single Issue Comics ($3.99 and up)

Floppies make for a great gift. Get something new for $3.99 or head to eBay, your local comic shop, or even the nearest antique mall/flea market to find some classic reads! Well-read Bat-fans would be thrilled to have a first print of a milestone event or a rare, well-preserved copy of a silly Silver Age outing. Bat-hombre? The Rainbow Batman? Get ’em and frame ’em! A more realistic pick-up, however, might be an affordable trade paperback or hardcover graphic novel that collects several issues together so your giftee can enjoy a complete story from start to finish.


Batman Beyond: The Complete Series ($60.99)

There’s a deal going on over at Amazon right now where you can buy the special edition box set for $60.99. I mean… come on. That’s every single episode of the show in HD, the film Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, a shiny collectible Funko Pop, and four dazzling 3D lithographs you’re getting! Plus it includes a digital copy of everything, too! The only reason you have not to buy this box set for a fan of Batman Beyond is because they own it already. And even in that case they’d gladly accept a back-up copy to hide away in a second location just to be safe.

Batman: Goodwill in Gotham Christmas Sweater ($54.99)

The perfect Christmas sweater is an essential part of any cozy holiday season, but only a Batman sweater offers the warmth you need for a night at the Iceberg Lounge or a covert mission into Mr. Freeze’s lair. Imagine the envious looks from your friends sitting uncomfortably in their itchy Santa and reindeer garb as you mosey on by looking and feeling your best in Merchoid’s Batman themed Christmas sweater. Merchoid has a diverse catalog of pop culture themed apparel and accessories on their site, with new items being added all the time. You can stay up-to-date by following them  on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Purchase your comfy Batman sweater HERE.

DC Comics Vinimates: Batman Who Laughs ($10)

The Batman Who Laughs might be a bit overused lately, but seeing him get reinterpreted in various collectible motifs never gets old. Snag the most dangerous Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse in Vinimate form, and make some twisted family member smile. And if you want to go all-out for that particularly special freak on your list, hunt down the NYCC 2019-exclusive black-and-white variant.

Buy the Batman Who Laughs here.


DC Super Heroes: Who’s Who? ($10)

You’ve bought Downtown Bookworks’ other DC titles. You’ve taught your kids about the wonders of Plastic Man and Jumpa the Sky Kanga. Now it’s time to peel back the masks and show them who’s who. Get your little crimefighters this book, and they can pull back the flaps and find out the secret identities of their favorite super friends.

Buy DC Super Heroes: Who’s Who? by clicking here.


Factory Entertainment KUZOS ($10)

The more recent crop of DC films has featured some pretty memorable takes on classic weapons, and Factory brings a few standouts to their miniature metal KUZOS line. Have a 4-inch Ocean Master to contend with? Grab Aquaman’s trident. Has Ares adopted the guise of the Liliputian? Put him down with Wonder Woman’s shield and Godkiller sword. Last, but certainly not least, show your friends you’re legit with a minified version of the “official” Batarang Freddie kept in his room in Shazam.

Buy KUZOS by clicking here.


Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray ($10.61)

If they liked Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but wished it was about DC characters and had more songs and fart jokes (I mean, who didn’t?), then this is probably going to be their new favorite movie. This flick isn’t just for fans of Teen Titans or Teen Titans Go!, it’s a hilarious love letter to every incarnation of these characters.

Buckle-Down Seatbelt Belt and Keychain ($12.95-23.95)

Maybe you’re buying for someone who doesn’t have a utility belt, but they can still have a belt with utility—like one what holds up their pants with the power of the simple seatbelt. But lest they saunter out to your car with ideas and a knife, consider this: the fine folks at Buckle-Down have this beautiful, yellow oval-adorned seatbelt belt, ready to ship—no modifications to existing equipment required. And if you’re feeling just a little bit extra generous, why not help them accessorize, with a matching mini-buckle key chain?

Buy the belt here and buy the keychain by clicking here.


Funkoverse Base Set ($22)

Funko Pop!s are still a crazy, worldwide sensation, so it is not surprising to see the brand expand into other product lines. The newest entry is Funkoverse, a table top game that puts you in control of Pop! DC heroes and villains on the streets of Gotham. There are weapons, different locations, and four delightful mini-Pop! Figures to get you started.

Buy the Funkoverse Base Set here.


DC Collectibles Batman: Black & White Statues ($80 each)

These beautiful depictions of your favorite versions of The Dark Knight (and a few supporting characters sprinkled in here and there) come in monochromatic polyresin that stands out brilliantly when displayed against a colorful backdrop or surrounded by more traditionally painted statues. This year brought new releases inspired by the best-selling Batman: White Knight, Dark Nights: Metal, Batman: The Animated Series, and more.

You can shop various statues here.

Factory Entertainment REVOS Aquaman and Shazam ($26 each)

We may not have gotten The Batman, but the past year gave us two unlikely DC films, and they were both incredibly well-done. Factory Entertainment’s REVOS line pays homage to Aquaman and Shazam with wobbling takes on each film’s titular character.

Buy REVOS here.


YuMe Voice Activated Batmobile Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($79.99)

Do you find yourself talking to Siri and wishing you could “Batman it up” a little bit? Wouldn’t it be cooler if you could talk to, I don’t now, THE BATMOBILE, instead? Well, YuMe’s got you covered, with their GameStop-exclusive voice-activated 1989 Batmobile. Pair it with your phone, Google Home, or Apple HomePod, say “Hey, Batmobile,” and you’re off to the races.

Buy the Batmobile here.


Mezco One:12 Collective Batman: Sovereign Knight ($80)

At time of writing, you can still score a spot on the waitlist for Mezco’s Sovereign Knight Batman. And with figures shipping now (we got ours a few months ago), you might just have it in time for Christmas. As for Darkseid… I know, I know, it’s $180. But he is arguably the biggest bad in the DC Universe, and this particular incarnation is a 1/12 scale monster made of POLYSTONE. He also features light up eyes, swappable faceplates, and an old-school, rectangular Mother Box. As if all of that weren’t enough, he comes in a very gift-friendly, square tin. Make somebody really happy this year—get them Darkseid.

Buy Batman here. Buy Darkseid here.


eBay Finds (prices vary)

With 80 years of history, there’s tons of Batman merchandise from years past that’s still readily available.  Just hop on over to eBay and type in “Batman” followed by literally anything else and you’re bound to find some treasures.  Batman toys?  Batman books?  Batman apparel?  All that and more can be found, if you just know where to look.

Batman movie promotional ball caps (Prices vary)

Take these Batman Forever and Batman & Robin promotional baseball caps.  Say what you will about the movies themselves, but they’re pretty sweet looking hats.  All told, it cost less than $20 for the pair, and that can’t be beat.

Look for deals here.


McDonald’s Batman Forever Drinking Glasses

Or if you want some Batman merch that’s a little more unique than a ball cap, but still quite useful and utilitarian, then check out these great Batman Forever drinking glasses.  They were promotional tie-ins at McDonald’s way back in ‘95, and they’re so cool that even people who hate the movie swear by them. With four designs available– Batman, Robin, Two-Face, and the Riddler– you can easily find a complete set on eBay.  Given that they’re collectibles that need a fair amount of packaging, they aren’t super cheap, but you can find a complete set for around $20, or piece your collection together from various sellers.

And really, the glasses are truly breathtaking.  They’re sturdy and have really cool designs, and drinking an ice-cold glass of milk just tastes better from one of these bad boys.

Look for deals here.


Diamond Select Nightwing PVC Diorama ($49.99)

Who doesn’t miss Dick Grayson?

While his return to a life of heroism in the comics is kind of up in the air right now, we can still show our love and support for the original Boy Wonder with a sweet DC Gallery Diorama from Diamond Select Toys.  Perched atop a clock tower, trusty escrima sticks in hand, this is an attractive, affordable piece that fans of all sorts can enjoy.  While it’s missing the trademark and beloved “finger stripes,” it’s otherwise very faithful to the Brian Stelfreeze designed suit from the Nineties.

Buy Nightwing here.


LEGO Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker ($29.99)

Look, LEGO sets are great. Get just about any one of them and you’re bound to make someone happy.

If you want to make someone really happy, get them a Batmobile that they can construct themselves. The Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker set comes with Batman and Joker minifigs, and a Batmobile that consists of over 300 pieces.  It has a lot of cool features, like a spinning flame that turns along with the back wheels, a canopy that opens and closes on a hinge, different Batsymbols for the front bumper, and retractable blasters. Plus, come on: it’s the Batmobile.  There’s no finer ride out there.

Buy Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker here.


Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight ($75)

There’s hardly a better Batman gift this year than this book, you ask me.  Spanning the entire history of Batman across pretty much every medium, Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight is at once dense and easy to read.  Packed with goodies and a ton of surprises, even the most well-versed Batman fan with the most encyclopedic knowledge of the character will surely learn something new from this tome.

Buy Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight here.


Batman: The Animated Series – Rogues Gallery board game ($34.54)

When looking for a fun activity for when you have family over for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with a board game.  Especially a Batman board game, and even more especially a Batman board game based on Batman: The Animated Series.  Choose your favorite villain, build up a nice little gang, and have a deviously good time trying to take out the Batman.  Featuring spot-on original art and gameplay that utilizes a unique combination of strategy and “push your luck” mechanics, Rogues Gallery is a ton of fun. Even if you can’t play as Sid the Squid.

You can buy Rogues Gallery here.


DC: Women of Action ($19.39)

Celebrate all of the wonder women of DC Comics with Shea Fontana’s DC: Women of Action.  Whether beloved hero or notorious villain, Women of Action shines a spotlight on DC’s rich history of female characters.  Fontana’s writing style is a joy to read, and each entry is supported by some wonderful artwork from an impressive lineup of female artists.

Buy DC: Women of Action here.


DC Cover Girls: Huntress by Joelle Jones ($125)

In my eyes, Joelle Jones’ take on the Rebirth design is the best Helena Bertinelli has ever looked. This 9-inch, 5 lb. polyresin statue is a beautiful work of art that would only look better if it was displayed alongside her sisters from the Birds of Prey, and wouldn’t you know it, those statues are available right now, too.


Batman Deck Building Games & Expansions (prices vary)

Challenge of the Superfriends ($15.00)

Challenge of the Superfriends pits heroes against villains, in this delightfully fun card game where you try to take down the Legion of Doom. It’s filled with characters that are both nostalgic and meme-worthy (like a certain cake stealing Lex Luthor), making it perfect for the whole family. 

Batman Ninja DC Deck Building Expansion Pack ($13.00)

Love Batman? How about ninjas? Ninja Batman? The Batman Ninja expansion to Cryptozotic’s traditional deck builder ups the fun and challenge by adding new heroes, villains, equipment, skills, and best of all a giant mecha final boss! Who could say no to Batman, ninjas, and robot boss battles? No one, that’s who. Go ahead, do yourself a favor and toss this in the stocking this Christmas.

DC Deck Building Rebirth ($45.00)

Just when you thought you had DC Deck Building down to a science, here comes Rebirth. This one changes just about everything about the original game by adding in a co-operative element, movement between locations, campaign mode, and so much more. Plus, now you can play by yourself against the game! A perfect gift for both the social butterfly and the “I Work Alone” friend in your life.

DC Deck Building Heroes Unite ($40.00)

Looking for a solid deck building game that has all your favorite DC characters? Look no further. DC Deck Building Heroes Unite is a fantastic deck builder that feels balanced and fun, while still allowing for a lot of strategy (and some luck). It’s great to play by itself, or combine with other DC deck builders to mix things up!


DC Designer Series: Batman by Frank Miller ($150)

Yes, it does look EXACTLY like the cover of Dark Knight: Triumphant. This hand-painted, polyresin statue from DC Collectibles is an outstanding homage to Frank Miller’s classic cover, and it’s guaranteed to make any fan of the seminal story’s brutal mud pit sequence happy. Is it a little pricey? Sure, but this six-pounder is about the most perfect 3D representation of the original artwork that you’ll ever see.

You can find it here.

DC Collectibles’ Dark Nights: Metal Collection ($80-$150 each)

Greg Capullo’s evil Batmen from Dark Nights: Metal have been fully realized in gorgeous, hand-painted polyresin, and you can collect them all. Of course, it would cost over $600 to do so, but still. They look really freakin’ sweet together. At the very least, you can get your giftee started on their own collection with just a single statue of one of the Dark Multiverse’s cruel Caped Crusaders, and in that case I would start them off with The Devastator or The Batman Who Laughs. DC Collectibles outdid themselves with this line.

You can find them here.


DC Collectibles Batman vs Deathstroke

If you waited until the last minute to do your shopping and you’ve got the budget for it, you have been rewarded for your procrastination. This $350 work of art will make any DC fan’s jaw drop. No other Deathstroke statue is as dynamic as this.

Special thanks to Brian Warshaw (who created the banner image), Matina Newsom, Michael Escalante, Josh McDonald, and Jay Yaws for contributing so much to this gift guide.


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