Margot Robbie breaks down the hyena scenes in Birds of Prey

W.C. Fields famously said, “Never work with animals or children.” Many actors will echo those sentiments, but what about would probably double down when it’s a dangerous animal.

Harley Quinn is well-known for her two pet hyenas – typically named Bud and Lou – but how do you pull that off in live-action? Hyenas are notoriously vicious creatures, so working with them on set would not be a joy. Luckily Margot Robbie still wanted to use the hyenas in some fashion, they just had to get creative.

“We went to go see a real-live hyena,” Robbie told in a recent interview. “There’s a hyena in California that’s appeared on-screen before. It turns out it was going to be impossible to shoot with him because they’re extremely dangerous and take ownership of anything they touch. So, if you put him on a couch, he’s gonna eat the couch. You can’t get the couch back. Doesn’t really work for filming.”

Ultimately, we had a really big dog. Its fur was CGI,” she said. “Because the alternative is to have a dude in a green suit. That’s often weird.” “I’ve seen that process play out when we did Tarzan. I remember watching Alexander Skarsgård nuzzle with some big, burly dude from South London. And I was just like, ‘it’s weird’,” she added with a laugh.

“So, I shared a Twizzler with a big dog instead,” said Robbie.

Birds of Prey will hit theaters on Feb. 7. DC Universe subscribers can attend advanced screenings on Feb. 4 and Feb. 5.

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