BREAKING: Dan DiDio has left DC Comics

DC’s Dan DiDio is out as co-publisher, a role he has held since 2010. No details have been provided yet as to why he is leaving or if he quit or was perhaps pressured to leave. Throughout his tenure, DiDio wrote for titles like Superboy, The Phantom Stranger, The Outsiders, Sideways, and Metal Men. He was also known to be the driving force behind the 2011 relaunch “The New 52” and he was often viewed by Batman fans as a notorious boogeyman figure always trying to kill Nightwing.

DiDio is exiting DC just ahead of the rumored “5G” relaunch, which was said to bring major changes to the DC Universe both past, present, and future. And many of these rumored changes didn’t have fans very excited, especially the one in which Bruce Wayne gives up the cowl again (Jim Gordon was Batman in 2016, Dick Grayson in 2009). With DiDio, an integral part of the push toward 5G, now leaving, it is uncertain if the relaunch will still come to pass.

For now, Jim Lee is the sole remaining publisher and public figurehead at DC Comics.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter