New The Batman set photos reveal a new Gotham location

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New The Batman set photos have revealed a promise of Gotham rebirth, and what inevitably seems to happen to every dream in that city.

The Instagram account of the fellowshipofthecairns – a group of friends in Scotland that typically share their mountain climbing adventures – shared some new photos from the set of The Batman. A couple of members made their way to the Hartwood hospital in Lanarkshire, Scotland where filming was supposed to be taking place. They made some interesting discoveries.

A large sign is on set that is credited to “Gotham Renewal Corporation” and then goes on to show “Investing in our Future” and below that it says “Gotham Orphanage.” As with many such projects in Gotham, the sign is overgrown and seems to have been there for years.

Additional photos they shared included seeing a portion of the Batsuit in the wardrobe trailer through a window. It doesn’t show you the entire suit, but it’s still interesting. (scroll through the embed below to get to the suit.)

All we know is, any time someone tries to rebuild Gotham, it just doesn’t seem to go well.

Combined with reports of filming at the Glasgow Cathedral, it seems we’re starting to get a definite sense for the aesthetic of the Gotham City exteriors for The Batman. It appears to be leaning more towards a gothic sensibility which always seems to be fitting for the city.

The Batman continues filming around the United Kingdom ahead of its June 25, 2021 release date.


SOURCE: fellowshipofthecairns on Instagram