Everything on display in DC Direct’s Toy Fair 2020 booth

Toy Fair is on! My favorite show of the year is here, and I feel like I’ve already been here for a few days. The plus side? I’ve seen a ton of cool things, and I’m anxious to share.

DC Direct (née DC Collectibles, née DC Direct) released quite a few pics just a day or so ago, but they save some of the best for the show. Check out our post for the full list and studio photos, and peruse the pictures from the actual booth below.

Highlight: DC Bombshells Green Arrow and Black Canary statue

This amazing statue was not even announced with the aforementioned press release, but it might be my favorite thing I’ve seen so far. The Bombshells aesthetic is a cool space for reinterpreting DC’s many amazing lady characters, but the takes on the men are usually super creative and cool, too. I love what they’ve done with Ollie here, and this is such an outstanding piece overall.

Highlight: DC Artist Alley Batman by Attack Peter

The Dark Knight Returns Batman is not my favorite take on the character, but I am just nuts about the way this statue leans into (and exaggerates) that aesthetic while adding samurai elements. I can’t wait to see the painted version, though, sadly, my tour guide said the final version will actually be a little bit smaller.

Highlight: The Adventure Continues Thomas Wayne Batman

Again, Flashpoint doesn’t really do it for me, but the Thomas Wayne Batman suit is interesting, and I think it looks downright excellent over the Animated Series aesthetic. This one is a real winner, and it looks great in person.

Everything else

Have a look through the rest of the booth, and let us know what you like best! I think this was a much better show for the company than last year, especially since they did a better job of saving some surprises. That Arrow and Canary statue was something worth waiting for.