Birds of Prey digital release moved up to March 24

The Birds of Prey digital release has been moved forward to March 24, well ahead of the normal digital release window for films.

As the world adjusts to life under the coronavirus pandemic, the movie industry is undergoing massive changes. The Alama Drafthouse, AMC, and Regal theater chains are shutting down for various lengths of time. Some studios are stepping up the digital release of films to keep us entertained at home, and Warner Bros. has joined that crowd.

Typically films hit digital 90 days following their theatrical release, but these are completely unprecedented times. Birds of Prey was released on Feb. 8 meaning that as of this post it hit theaters just 38 days ago. This is nothing we would expect to become the standard operating procedure going forward, but it will help to entertain all of us during our self-quarantine times.

The film looks to be listed at $19.99 on all marketplaces, and it will be part of the Movies Anywhere program so you can buy it on one platform and synch it to others.


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