Justice League life-sized Batman bust by Queen Studios

Queen Studios have released new images and info about its life-sized Batman bust, and it looks like it could strike some fear into the villains of Gotham.

Are you in need of a life-sized reproduction of the torso and head of Ben Affleck’s Batman? Queen Studios have you covered. Standing over 30-inches tall, the bust is due for release in the second quarter of 2021 and will run $1,679.99. Pre-orders are now open at various retailers.

The next collectible from Queen Studios’ Life-Size Cinematic Icons is on the way! The much anticipated 1:1 Batman bust is now complete.

The 1:1 Batman bust captures Ben Affleck’s portrayal from the 2017 Justice League movie. His head is predominantly made of two materials. His cowl is made of polystone, while his strong jawline is made of top-grade silicone with a rooted stubble. And the eyes are made of glass, you can even see the eyelashes on the eyes.

Our artists have done their best to create a dark and brooding feel. His brows are tightly closed and his lips are firmly pursed together, almost scowling. From every angle, it looks like the caped crusader is ready to serve justice!

Batman’s suit is also incredibly detailed with clear and delicate lines creating a look and feel akin to the movie.

The base, like the body is made of polystone and is a highlight in its own right. In keeping with the dark theme, we see the Grim Reaper leaning forward clutching a shield with the inscription “To Protect & To Serve”. The base ties the whole piece together with a Gothic-style and dark beauty.

One concern many of you have had with the artistic base, is it’s ability to support the weight of the bust, and also its overall strength. Our artists have worked hard to make sure that the base not only looks good, but it is practical and strong. We have tested the strength and we’re sure it is strong and durable.

And about the cape, after considering and discussion, we finally decided not to add a cape on the bust. Because you can see from the side, there is a curved design on the bust, if we add the cape, the design will be covered.

As always, we take your feedback very seriously. We’ve had a lot of people request a cape to drape down the back. After much discussion, we have decided that the cape although popular, would detract from the overall balance of the bust, and cover the unique curved design. We hope in future you can continue to provide this invaluable feedback, but we’ll always try to make a judgement call on what we think is best after weighing up the options.