McFarlane Toys announces new DC Multiverse figures for Jan 2021

McFarlane Toys - DC Multiverse - Batman - Dark Knights Death Metal - Batman - Featured - 01

McFarlane Toys has been on a tear as of late announcing new products, and now it’s time for a new assortment of DC Multiverse.

The newest DC Multiverse wave will be hitting store shelves in Jan. 2021, and it is again leaning heavy into Batman figures. This time around we’ll see Dark Nights Death Metal – Batman, Dark Nights Metal – The Drowned, and a Damian Wayne Robin. The fourth figure will be a Red Son version of Superman.

Naturally, we’re Batman fans around here, but we would like to see the line expand into some more properties at some point. The ratio of Batman related figures has definitely been high in these early days. DC has a lot of fantastic characters that lend themselves well to action figures, and when you add in the sculpting McFarlane Toys is known for, they could be amazing.

All of our fingers are crossed for a Swamp Thing in the not too distant future.

The new DC Multiverse assortment will be available at all of the usual retail outlets.