Peter Outerbridge cast as Black Mask in Batwoman

Peter Outerbridge - Designated Survivor - 01
ABC - Designated Survivor

The CW has found its Roman Sionis as Peter Outerbridge will become the Black Mask.

We’ve known for some time that Black Mask would play an important part in the second season of Batwoman, but what we didn’t know was who would be playing him. All of that speculation came to an end on Thursday as Outerbridge was announced to have snagged the part.

The television version of Roman Sionis will be a “white knight” for Gotham during the day, but by night he will become the evil mastermind Black Mask. Deep down he has a hatred of Gotham’s paramilitary police force The Crows, as well as any masked vigilantes.

Black Mask has become a popular character as of late having also appeared in 2020’s Birds of Prey being played by Ewan McGregor.

Outerbridge has had a diverse career appearing in films such as Saw VI, and in television series such as Orphan Black. He will appear throughout the second half of Batwoman‘s second season.