Suicide Squad #9 review

As you guys might know, this series has been on less than sturdy ice with me.

You might also know that the premise for this issue is a heist episode set on Oa.

Now, you should know that all has been forgiven. That’s awesome.

OAceans Eleven

Don’t say it. I know it was a stretch. Let me have this.

I’m going to start out by admitting that this series is getting better than I ever thought it would have, and a lot of that is in large part due to the cast. Match, Major Force, hell, even Ambush Bug have been fantastic additions to the Squad. Robbie Thompson actually seems to be falling into a groove, and what a funky groove it is.

This book is actually making me laugh now, and I love it.

The character work this issue is fantastic. Every single character, even Culebra, is growing on me in ways that I would have laughed at just three issues ago. There’s really this sense of a dysfunctional family doing universe-saving (or ending?) missions while trying not to tear each other apart. It’s funny, it’s endearing, but it’s also oddly emotional in a way? Nocturna and Match share a little moment on the way to Oa that feels like actual chemistry?? It gets interrupted by Ambush Bug, of course, but even that feels charming.

It’s??? So cute???

This is a wildly different book than it was in Issue #1, and I’m LOVING it. Even Rick Flag’s coup subplot picks up traction, and in a big enough way that I’m officially hooked.

As for the actual plot of the issue, it’s a pretty solid heist story, but what they’re on Oa to heist is absolutely wonderful. I don’t want to spoil it here, but I’m the MOST excited for how this shakes out, and I hope it’s a recurring element of the series past the next couple issues. Knowing the nature of the Squad, it won’t be, but a guy can dream.

Yet another element I was extremely happy about was the appearance of Jo Mullein. Green Lantern: Far Sector was one of my favorite Green Lantern books in a while (and Green Lanterns tend to be my favorite heroes in books), so I’m always excited to see Jo in things.

Speaking of Jo, she does absolute WONDERS the art here. A Green Lantern always means fun art, but WOW.

The only way to show this was to post the full page but it’s very non-spoilery so it’s okay!

Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Dexter Soy absolutely knock it out of the park this issue. There’s a lot less dissonance between the styles like there was in the early issues of this series, and it’s all beautiful. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors are nothing to scoff at, either. The shading, especially when Green Lantern energy is involved, is spot on. There’s a tendency in some books to make panels with Lantern constructs on them completely washed out in Green, but Maiolo keeps the characters’ individual colors popping out, making everything happening on the page easy to follow. It’s much appreciated, especially in a book where so much is happening

Don’t think I forgot about Wes Abbott, either. You all know I love me some funky lettering, and there’s one gag in particular (too spoilery to show here) that I was really happy to see. I just love letterers having fun, simple as.

Recommended if…

  • You like stories with a fun and funny cast of characters.
  • Honestly things are picking up enough to where I can fully recommend nabbing this issue.


I really thought this series was going to be a slog to review, but if we get more issues like this one, I’ll read this forever.

Score: 8/10

Disclaimer: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.