Netflix adds surprise 11th episode of Sandman

If you woke up and saw “New Episode” on The Sandman on Netflix, it’s not the work of Morpheus. There is indeed an 11th hidden episode.

Netflix stealth launched a secret episode of The Sandman on Friday, and even released a retailer for it.

The new episode covers two stand-alone stories from the comic run. From The Sandman #17 comes “Calliope” about a man who has trapped one of the nine muses of Greek mythology in his home to keep him inspired. The other story comes from issue #18, “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” where a Siamese cat tells other cats of how she once met Morpheus who had assumed the form of a cat. This portion of the episode is animated and features the voices of James McAvoy, Sandra Oh, and Nail Gaiman.

The new episode is a welcome and unexpected surprise. It’s also a great way to cover the stand-alone issues of the comic.

All 11 episodes of The Sandman are available now on Netflix.