BTAS Joker 1/6 Scale Figure by Mondo review

It’s been over two years, but Mondo is back with another 12-inch Batman: The Animated Series figure, and it was worth the wait. Mondo’s latest is none other than The Clown Prince of Crime and not only is he impressively well-crafted, painted, and highly poseable, but he boasts the Batman: The Animated Series (I’ll just say “BTAS” for the rest of the article) line’s most expressive head sculpts yet. Here, I’ll share the ad copy and product specs with you and then we’ll get to the review…

Arguably one of the most Iconic villains of all time, from one of the best animated shows of all time, the Joker is joining our BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1/6th scale figure line! This figure features over 30 points of articulation, 4 different portraits, and a slew of iconic accessories.

This Joker figure captures the spirit and look of the ever-influential B:TAS, and is going to be a great part of any fan’s collection.

Free shipping to the United States, Canada, and select European countries. Payment plans are available.



Height 12″
Material PVC, ABS
Weight 4 lbs


  • Design: Joe Allard
  • Sculpt: Tommy Hodges
  • Paint: Mark Bristow
  • Packaging Art: Phantom City Creative
  • Packaging Layout: Mike Bonanno
  • Photography: Raúl Barrero


  • Joker Figure
  • Regular Portrait
  • Smug Portrait
  • Laughing Portrait
  • Sad Portrait
  • Smiling Fish x2
  • 12 interchangeable hands
  • Joker Bomb
  • Joker Dynamite stack
  • Joker Card
  • Ice Pick
  • Figure Stand


After looking at the product specifications, the list of screen-accurate accessories, and those professional photos you’re probably only turning to me in the hope that I can convince you not to spend such a generous portion of your paycheck on a toy. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to talk you out of this. The price tag itself is the only strong argument I can make against it, and Mondo offers a payment plan of four interest-free payments now through Sezzle. I’m on your side, though, $225 for a 12-inch figure is outrageous– especially when you look back and see that in 2019 the Mondo Batman figure was $100 cheaper at $125 bucks, then in 2020 Mr. Freeze was $130 and Catwoman $160. I know, I know, we’re on the back end of 2022 and inflation is out of control, but still… $225 is steep and I wish there were more accessories for that price.

So the price tag is my only major criticism. If you can afford Mondo’s 1/6 scale Joker, you should get it. Frankly, everything offered in this package other than the crotch-grabber figure stand is terrific. The build quality is great, it’s very solid. The head sculpts offer a lot of variety with expressions ranging from manic laughter to panic– and I’ve been wracking my brain, and I think this is the only option for a frightened Joker figure/statue I’ve ever seen!

The only flaw that might dissuade you is something you’ll encounter with any hand-painted collectible. My Joker’s body looks sublime but a couple of the head sculpts feature a few minor imperfections like a tiny droplet of lipstick red on a cheek, a bead of white a little too close to an eyelid, a speck of black on the yellow of an eyeball. Annoying, but only on close inspection, which was a criticism I had with the otherwise amazing Mr. Freeze figure.

It’s also worth noting that some might not like the shading effects that lend the figure a more cartoon-come-to-life aesthetic. The highlights and shadows will make some poses look a bit off if you have a darkly shaded portion aimed at the light of your shelf or showcase, for example. Or if you wanted to display Joker from the side for whatever reason. The shading was an artistic choice that I think improves the figure more than harms it, though.

And my complaint regarding the stand… It’s just your typical crotch-grabber stand, which I think many toy makers need to move away from since it’s A) distracting and B) can wear away at the paint of a figure like this which doesn’t sport real fabric clothing. But the good news is that, much like the Mr. Freeze figure from a couple years ago, Joker boasts such an incredibly sturdy build that he’s stable all on his own in most poses. Of course, if you want to show him standing on one leg or hopping out of the way of a Batarang, I suggest employing the stand. Me? I don’t have Joker standing at all. I like that this is the only Joker figure with a face sculpt that looks frightened, so I’m taking advantage of that and displaying Mr. J in defeat. Zero stands required.


Big, well-crafted, and incredibly versatile, Mondo’s 12-inch Joker figure is an outstanding addition your collection. Mondo’s latest features highly expressive head sculpts and a wide variety of accessories that will give BTAS fans endless possibilities for creative displays. And with such hardy build quality The Joker doesn’t even need the included stand, making for an even cleaner presentation. However, with a price tag of $225 I suggest taking advantage of the 4-month payment plan option that Mondo provides and please, avoid scalpers on eBay trying to get $400 for the SDCC exclusive– it’s only two more sculpts and an accessory (and my standard edition actually had the dynamite thrown in anyway). As with most hand-painted figures you run the risk of some minor paint imperfections on the head sculpts, but if they’re like my review sample you’ll only spot them on up-close, extremely scrutinizing inspection. So overall, I highly recommend this collectible. You can purchase the BTAS Joker at

Disclaimer: Mondo provided Batman News with a sample of this product for the purpose of this review.