HBO Max and Discovery Plus name may be “Max”

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Warner Bros Discovery

It seems that once HBO Max and Discovery Plus merge their services, we could be looking at calling it “Max.”

According to a report from CNBC, Warner Bros. Discovery lawyers are currently vetting the name “Max” for the upcoming combined service. There are still some other options floating around, but sources close to the matter are saying that Max is the current preferred name.

The newly combined service has been talked about since the earliest days of the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger. During the company’s latest earnings call, CEO David Zaslav shared the launch window has been moved up to Spring 2023, meaning within the next six months.

The sources of the “Max” name are also sharing the basic design will be akin to Disney Plus. The different brands such as HBO, Discovery, DC, and more will each have their own tile on the service allowing you to dial down into the content you wish to see.

While under the former ownership it seemed that all DC content would make its way to the Warner Bros. platform, the new plan seems to call for more licensing. Warner Bros. Discovery is currently in advanced talks with Amazon for some new DC animated content. It is still unknown if this deal also covers older catalog content such as Batman: The Animated Series and Super Friends, or if it is strictly for new content.

No pricing has been announced for the combined service as of yet, or an exact launch date.