Warner Bros. is restructuring DC Films after ‘Justice League’ stumbles

It’s no secret that Justice League hasn’t performed well at the box office, and just like they did after the Batman v Superman backlash, Warner Bros. is shaking things up once again at DC Films.

Variety reports that DC Films head Jon Berg will be leaving his position. His partner Geoff Johns will remain at DC Films, but Variety notes that his role could be lessened and more advisory in nature.

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And speaking of DC Films, Warner Bros. president Toby Emmerich is thinking about integrating the DC division tighter with Warner Bros., which would include moving them into the same building. DC Films currently operates in a separate building on the Warner Bros. lot.

It’s no surprise to learn that Time Warner, Warner Bros.’ parent company, is unhappy with the financial performance of Justice League. The parent company is also reportedly unhappy with Warner Bros. for bringing director Zack Snyder back after Batman v Superman.

All of the changes at DC Films are expected to happen by January.

SOURCE: Variety