Report: Ben Affleck won’t star in ‘The Batman’, but is expected to appear in ‘The Flash’

Warner Bros.

Variety just published a big piece about how Warner Bros. is restructuring DC Films after Justice League’s poor performance. Included towards the end of that report are some interesting details about Ben Affleck’s future as Batman.

Variety says that Ben Affleck is expected to appear in the standalone Flash movie, but that it’s very unlikely he will star in The Batman. According to their sources, director Matt Reeves wants to cast the role with “fresh talent”. Reeves has been meeting with potential Batman actors recently, most notably Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Affleck appearing in The Flash movie would fulfill the final movie he has on his contract. He signed a three picture deal in 2013 before Batman v Superman, and his Suicide Squad cameo didn’t count towards one of those three movies.

Variety says that Warner Bros. is still developing a Flash movie, though it’s unclear if it will still be the Flashpoint movie that was announced at Comic-Con last summer.

SOURCE: Variety