‘Aquaman’ test screening details and reactions: an emotional action movie

Believe it or not, Warner Bros. held a test screening for Aquaman yesterday despite the movie not hitting theaters until December 21st. Most visual effects weren’t finished yet, but some were. Batman News spoke with several people who attended the screening and their reactions were very positive!

Aquaman was described to me as an emotional action movie. I was told that the tone is similar to Wonder Woman. There is humor, but it’s more of a drama. And thanks to director James Wan’s previous work there are elements of horror as well.

Aquaman has Star Wars-like underwater battles, scary monsters, lots of emotions, and an amazing villain in Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. Amber Heard’s Mera is very much a co-lead and not just a love interest to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

I’m going to get into more detail below. No big spoilers, but continue reading at your own discretion…

  • Characters just talk normally underwater. No giant air bubbles like we saw in Justice League.
  • The rumors were true, Jason Momoa wears the comic book Aquaman costume in the movie.
  • Black Manta is a secondary villain. He looks just like he does in the comics and has the same origin as well.
  • Superhero News scoop confirmed, The Trench is in the movie.
  • Yes, Aquaman can talk to fish, and he does in the movie.

That’s all I can say without getting into major spoiler territory. Based on what I’ve been told, Warner Bros. has a great movie in their hands. Now let’s hope they leave James Wan alone and don’t cut it up like they did with Suicide Squad and Justice League.