Way back in January 2014, MTV’s Josh Horowitz caught up with Jason Momoa at the Sundance Film Festival. Around this time Momoa was rumored to be playing Aquaman in Batman v Superman, so Horowitz asked him about it.

“I get it all the time. It’s just a rumor. I swear,” Momoa said. Then to prove his seriousness, he offered Horowitz some insurance. “Man to man. You can punch me in the face [if I’m lying],” he said. “You’re allowed to punch me in the face. No, it’s a flattering rumor.”

It took four years, but Horowitz and Momoa crossed paths again. This time it was last night at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Momoa was a man of his word, and let Horowitz take a swing. Check out the funny post below.