Henry Cavill responds to his Superman situation with an interesting video

It must have been a very interesting day for Henry Cavill.

Earlier this morning, The Hollywood Reporter said that Warner Bros. had decided not to move forward with Cavill as Superman after tough negotiations over his contract and a Shazam cameo. Then we heard that Warner Bros. was considering rebooting Superman with Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan.

Cavill released a video response on Instagram tonight, and it’s interesting. Is he trying to tell us something without saying anything at all? It features Cavill in a Krypton t-shirt holding a Superman doll. “Today was exciting,” he wrote on his post. Check it out below.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on here. The Hollywood Reporter is one of the most reliable sources for movie news, and if they say Cavill is out, I tend to believe them. The official comment from Warner Bros. didn’t clear up the situation at all either.

Let me know what you make of this Henry Cavill Superman situation and his response video in the comments below.