Christopher Nolan shares insights into Dark Knight trilogy

The first of the Dark Knight Trilogy IMAX screenings took place over the weekend with some of Nolan’s comments now being shared.

The Los Angeles IMAX screening took place this weekend, and as promised Christopher Nolan was present for a Q&A session. As with any time a director does this type of talk, some new facts were learned, such as the lie he told Warner Bros. executives in regards to Batman Begins.

Apparently, Nolan researched previous superhero films to see how late in the movie they would put on their costumes for the first time as he knew his moment was going to be towards the hour mark. As he expected, the executives did begin to get nervous about it, and Nolan told them that Christopher Reeve didn’t put on the Superman costume in the 1978 film until the 53-minute mark. This calmed the executives, but as Nolan revealed to the audience, “That statistic is not true by the way. It’s actually a little earlier.”

Also of note, was fun tidbits such as Cillian Murphy did an audition for the role of Batman, but he ended up getting the Scarecrow based on the strength of that. Also of note, in The Dark Knight, when the Tumbler crashes into the garbage truck, it seems not everything is as we thought it was. Nolan, who is well-known for his love of practical effects on the set revealed “It’s a miniature. I don’t think anyone’s ever noticed it’s a miniature.”

For those of you lucky enough to have gotten tickets at the other locations, the Q&A session was filmed and will be shown to you as part of the event. There are sure to be more tidbits in the days to come.


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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter