Wonder Woman braces for impact in Diamond Select’s new ‘Justice League’ Gallery

Justice League is a distant memory. Maybe you’re one of those people who would rather forget it; or, maybe you’re one of those people who thinks that Warner Bros. should spend millions of dollars completing, promoting, and #ReleasingTheSnyderCut. Whichever broad generalization applies to you, I’m sure you would consider Wonder Woman a bright spot in the theatrical film. Even if Gal Gadot is not an aesthetic match for your vision of Diana Prince, she plays the character quite convincingly.

Diamond Select announced a set of Justice League Gallery PVC statues last year, and while Diana was absent from the initial announcement, it wasn’t long before we got a supplemental announcement. And then, at this year’s Toy Fair, we saw yet another take. Now, some months later, this new statue is here—but is it worth your attention? Read on.

A more-or-less convincing likeness

The most critical aspect of any statue fashioned after a real person is the face. Get that right, and it’s easy for fans to forgive many other issues. Had Diamond hit the mark with the Dark Knight Rises Catwoman‘s face, for example, I would have had no problem with her build being a bit more filled out than it was in the film. But alas, it was a miss, and I could not, therefore, recommend anyone purchase it.

Thankfully, Diana does not have this problem. Sure, there are a few angles where her nose looks a little bit off, but from most perspectives, she’s more than close enough to her Justice League and Wonder Woman counterpart to get the job done. This is a product of the sculpt, of course, but also of the paint job. A perfect sculpt can be absolutely wrecked by bad lip lines and eyes, but, thankfully, that’s not the case here.

The uniform


After the face, I look for how well the piece captures the design elements of the character’s clothes/uniform/costume from the film. Diamond is usually quite good at emulating textures, and their reproductions of clothes are, in general, excellent in the Gallery line.

Wonder Woman’s costume turns out great here. The grooved chest portion of her clothing is a dead-ringer for the film version, as is the skirt. The tiara, gauntlets, and boots look great, too.

A great pose with one tiny, odd detail

My favorite part of this one is easily the pose. Diana’s bracer-smash shockwave ability is one of the coolest talents she has in the current DC Film universe, and I appreciate Diamond immortalizing it in plastic. The implementation is just as good as the concept, too: there’s just so much implied energy and motion here, and there’s no doubt about what she’s doing. EXCEPT…

If I were designing this statue, I would have left off the golden “impact” effect, and here’s why: what should be a shockwave, generated by the force of Diana’s strength bringing two indestructible bracers together, is instead more evocative of a bullet hitting the bracers. Either the designers were going for the shockwave and, for practicality’s sake, chose something that doesn’t quite hit the mark, or they confused two distinct functions of the bracers.

Worth adding to your collection

Aside from that one minor detail, this is an easy one to recommend. It looks like Gal Gadot, sure, but beyond that, it looks like Wonder Woman, and fans of the character could do a lot worse than this one. And at the Gallery-standard $45 price tag ($43 on Amazon right now!), it’s a bargain.


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