Rumor: Ben Affleck wants to keep playing Batman in the DCEU

Warner Bros.

The Ben Affleck Batman roller coaster never stops. For over a year now there have been reports that Affleck’s days as Batman were numbered. Affleck himself even admitted that he intends to do the last movie on his contract and find a “graceful and cool” way to exit the role. But could he have had a change of heart?

According to Twitter user @DanielRPK, who has proven to be a reliable source, Affleck now wants to stick around as the DC Extended Universe’s Batman. Daniel cautions that this is just a rumor, so keep that in mind.

Just last weekend, I wrote a piece about Affleck’s future as Batman. He was expected to make a final appearance in Flashpoint, but with that movie seemingly dead I wondered if/when we’d see Affleck as the Dark Knight again. If this rumor is true, it sounds like Affleck may be thinking about extending his contract.

Do you hope this rumor is true and Ben Affleck sticks around as Batman for more movies, or do you want Warner Bros. to move on with a new actor in the role? Let me know in the comments below.