New concept art shows alternate Bruce Wayne costumes for Batman v Superman

Some Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice concept artwork has surfaced showing different ideas for Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) attire.

The artwork was shared by Mikhail Villarreal on Twitter, and the artwork is credited to Jerad S. Marantz.

Of course one of the outfits is instantly recognizable from Wayne running towards his company’s building in Metropolis during the Superman/Zod fight.

It’s always easy in films to overlook the small decisions that are made on a daily basis. It’s not just the million-dollar Shazam costumes that need attention, but also what place in the world do their secret identities occupy? Are they flashy? Are they bohemian? Their visual cues that help viewers understand the characters more, and something that we always like seeing more of.

UPDATE: Here is the Instagram post from Marantz.